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How Whirlpools and Air Systems in Bathtubs affect our skin?

In the present time, some people are wondering on how whirlpools and air systems in bathtubs affect the skin. In addition to this, there are also a huge number of individuals who want to know the real difference of air systems and whirlpool bath. According to some researches, one of the biggest differences between air bath and whirlpool bath is the type of massage it provides. Air bath has the ability to provide non-aggressive soft tissue massage. Moreover, the low pressure soft massage of a certain air bath is provided by heated air bubbles that usually contact the skin after they are released from the injectors. These injectors can be found in the bottom of the tub.

The air bubbles that the blower produces have the ability to sooth your body, boost your cardiac output, improve your circulation and open your pores. On the other hand, whirlpool bath has the potential to provide aggressive deep joint and tissue massage. Aside from this, whirlpools are usually found in physical therapy facilities, athletic training rooms and hospitals. According to some studies, whirlpool bath is beneficial in treating aches, back problems, damaged joints, muscle sprains and pains that normally arise as you age. There are some medical professionals who endorsed the amazing perks of whirlpool bath to the overall improvement of circulation.

For those individuals who are suffering from diabetes and arthritis, whirlpool bath can be a great help. Apart from this, whirlpool bath is proven and tested effective in providing high pressure massage. However, there are times that whirlpools and air systems that can affect the overall health of the skin due to the heated bubbles from injectors. On the other hand, whirlpool bath and air bath has the ability to provide you with non-aggressive and aggressive joint massage that you will definitely love.