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Be Porcelain Savvy: The Latest in Top Toilet Trends

Be Porcelain Savvy: The Latest in Top Toilet Trends

The latest trends and deigns in toilets are changing every year. Gone are the days of cold and clunky toilets. Modern toilet designs have become even more stylish and even more eco-friendly than ever before. With improved flushing capacity, designs to increase style, and even some technology that seems out of this world, modern toilet designs are the way of the future!

Here are four top trends in toilet design:

1. Sleek and modern designs

Toilets are not being overlooked when it comes to bathroom design. Toilets are a main feature of a bathroom, and designers have been sure to give toilets the attention they deserve! Interesting and unique designs showcase toilets as a fun focal point of the bathroom. This includes slim and sleek lines, which not only look trendy but also save space – perfect for your small bathroom. Contemporary design ideas also include unique toilet bowl shapes, innovative flushing buttons, and distinctive colours and finishes. Finally, some toilets are being built as all-in-one units with vanities and mirrors attached.

2. Optimized eco-friendly features

Eco-friendly isn’t just a buzzword when it comes to toilets. Many new and modern toilets live and breathe eco-friendly. Perhaps most familiar are low-water options, with new toilets using less water yet performing at optimal levels. However, it doesn’t stop there. Some new toilets are being developed with water recycling options, which contain special filters to allow for water to be recycled within the toilet and components that turn waste into fertilizers for green plants and flowers. When it comes to eco-friendly designs in toilets today, the sky is the limit!

3. Health-tracking features

Think that toilets that produce fertilizers from waste sounds space-agey? How about toilets that monitor your health? Yes, it’s true. Some innovative and cutting-edge toilets have begun to incorporate health-monitoring equipment right into toilet design. This includes a toilet that has equipment to detect the user’s blood-sugar levels. Also on the market is a toilet that has a built-in blood pressure monitoring feature. In many cases, these toilets will display your health data in live time, or print it out as a medical record. With these toilets you can check on your health while taking a washroom break!

4. Toilets with tablets

For the media buff, toilets with projectors, tablets, or TVs attached are hot, hot, hot. Don’t miss out on your favourite sports show or a minute of a movie with this unique design feature. Perfect for the bathroom in the man-cave, this fun contemporary trend is sure to catch on as tablets become more and more common in households.